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Saying goodbye...



There are so many ways to say farewell, so it's important to choose the option that is both true to the memory of your loved one and a fitting remembrance and celebration for those grieving the loss.

Perhaps a long lost religious belief would play a part, a love of nature and the outdoors, agnostic or atheist leanings.  Maybe you'd prefer a small, private funeral with a memorial service or celebration later on. There are a wide range of options available.

Whatever your wishes, we can work together to create a beautiful tribute to ensure you, your family and your friends, mourn your loss in the most becoming way.
















Are you aware of your options?


Living Funeral -  a celebration that involves the person whilst still living, a popular choice in the case of an

                               expected end such as terminal illness. They get to tell their own story, celebrate memories 

                               and say goodbye in person. Properly planned, it can be a wonderful, joyful, and fitting



Direct Cremation - When the deceased is collected by the Funeral Director and taken to the crematorium

                               without anyone in attendance. The next of kin is notified when ashes are ready for


                            An increasingly popular, 'no frills' option. Many families choose to have a memorial

                                ceremony, or celebration of life, at a later date.

Short service -    Much like a direct cremation, but with a short time allowed (often 10-15 minutes) for a very

                               small number of people to pay their respects. There is no time allowed for any kind of                                             ceremony.


Traditional style service - a 30 - 60 minute service, planned and delivered by an officiant (clergy or celebrant).

                               Such services can be religious or non-religious, and are planned alongside the next of kin.

                               Planning  and delivering these very personal send-offs is the speciality of many celebrants.

                               My personal aim is not only to provide the farewell you want, but to exceed your

                               expectations. I love helping people to say goodbye in the best possible way, whilst

                               respecting and honouring their loved one.


Memorial or Celebration of Life - these ceremonies often take place at a later date and the focus can be

                               chosen by those organising. They can include many elements of a more traditional service,

                               such as readings, poems, music and personal tributes from friends and relatives. However,

                               the location is not limited to a church or crematorium. As long as permission is given by the

                               owner of the venue/location, such celebrations can take place almost anywhere.

Further details of all types of service, including current fees,  can be obtained from your local Funeral Director of choice. Their role is to organise all the practicalities of the service and take great care of the deceased. 

If you choose to use a celebrant, the Funeral Director will appoint someone they know and trust, trying their utmost to match celebrants to the bereaved and their requirements. If you'd like to use a celebrant you know, be sure to let the Funeral Director know this when you meet with them to make plans.


Candle, opened book and flowers  on dark wooden background.jpg

What you can expect from me...

 A caring, compassionate and personal service, which will support and guide you through the planning   and delivery of the exact farewell you'd like for your loved one.

 Great communication from initial contact. Each person is different, so each ceremony is designed to   reflect the individual. I work collaboratively with you - the service belongs to you, but I will use my   experience to share ideas and give advice to create the very best and most appropriate send off.

  A unique and special ceremony. I do not use any kind of standard template, or cut and paste ideas       from other ceremonies. Together, we decide from scratch what to include.

 A professional and respectful delivery of your service at the appointed time and place. I arrive early to   greet attendees, and liaise closely with the Funeral Director and venue team to ensure everything goes   smoothly.

 A simple presentation script, which has all the written content from the service. Many of us find the day   passes quickly and in something of a blur. The script may help to remind you, or comfort you, when you   feel ready to read it, or it can be passed on to anyone who was unable to attend on the day.


Thank you for yesterday, it was good to see you and an excellent service.

Gordon B. Funeral Director


Thank you, also, for guiding Luke and me in such as friendly way as we prepared. There was a 'homely' relaxed feel in the Crematorium, but everything was conducted with respect and quiet reflection - it could not have been better. Appreciation has also been expressed by family and friends.

Rosina and Luke

                      07904 457715

 Thanks ever so much, I think this is perfect. We are extremely grateful for all your help, I'm sure this would meets Mums approval too.



Just a little note to say the biggest thank you for making a sad day more bearable , you did mum proud. Thank you for supporting the 3 of us .                                                                                                                          


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